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Melville™ Smart Sensor Trash Can

Melville™ Smart Sensor Trash Can

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This trash can offers automatic and effortless operation. With a simple swipe of the lid or leg motion, it opens up and closes after 3-5 seconds, or can stay open if the stay-open button is pressed. The can is waterproof and can fit anywhere, be it the bathroom, kitchen or office. It also locks in smell and has non-slip rubber to prevent it from damaging the flow.

Product features

  • Automatic smart sensor trash can
  • ABS material construction
  • Completely waterproof material
  • Built-in induction
  • Leg/motion opening
  • Keep open option
  • 15 bevel sensing
  • Silent opening and closing
  • 3-hour charging
  • Usable in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, living room, etc.
  • Available in white
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