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Melville™ Garden Kneeler

Melville™ Garden Kneeler

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The Garden Kneeler features thick, cushioned padding that provides a soft and supportive surface for kneeling. This padding effectively reduces pressure on knees and prevents discomfort during prolonged gardening sessions. With its adjustable height feature, the Garden Kneeler can easily accommodate users of various heights and preferences. Users can adjust the kneeler to their desired height, ensuring optimal comfort and support while gardening.


  • Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
  • Removable tool bag to facilitate the use of tools in work.
  • Garden Accessories: With this bag, you can keep your gardening tool tidy and easy to carry.
  • Tool Storage Bag: Used to store garden tools of various sizes, including seeds, fertilizers,etc.
  • Appropriate Capacity: There are multiple pockets for assigning items.
  • Portable: This bag takes up very little space and can be hung on a trolley.
  • Can easily attach to the garden kneeler.
  • Easily cleaned.
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