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Melville™ Ribbit Roll Playset

Melville™ Ribbit Roll Playset

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Ribbit Roll Playset is an engaging and educational toy designed to delight toddlers and encourage their learning through play. This interactive playset features colorful and friendly frog characters that will capture the imagination of young children.


The playset includes a variety of components designed to stimulate different senses and promote fine motor skills development. The main feature of the playset is a rolling track with ramps and obstacles, where the frog characters can slide and hop along. Children can experiment with cause and effect as they push the frogs down the track and watch them roll and bounce.


Each frog character is crafted from durable and child-safe materials, ensuring hours of safe play. The vibrant colors and charming designs of the frogs will capture the attention of toddlers and keep them engaged for extended periods.


  • Rolling
  • Interactive
  • Colorful
  • Educational
  • Durable
  • Safe
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